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Back To TopWhat do i need to do in order to sell items on cafepress?

First you need to sign up for an account with Cafepress, if you haven't already got one. To sign up simply click here.

Next you will have to setup payment details with Cafepress so you can receive your commission payments. Payments are only available in cheque forms. To complete the payment page simply click here.

Once you have done this Cafepress will provide you with an Account ID. You must enter this numeric value into Foliopic's 'Cafepress Settings' under the shop tab in the admin section. Within this you must enter your 'Cafepress Email' and 'Password' details you signed up with.

For the Cafepress integration on your site we have added the ability to set which photos you would like to place for sale and also a currency feature.

When you have done all the above, you are pretty much setup with Foliopic and Cafepress.